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Fracking An Imminent Danger From Big Oil - 1439 Words

California faces an imminent danger from Big Oil. Big Oil wants to use millions of gallons of water and frack oil from Sacramento, my hometown, to Los Angeles. Fracking, also known as Hydraulic Fracturing, is a method of obtaining natural gas by drilling a hole into the ground and than injecting â€Å"water, sand, and a proprietary mix of chemicals into the shale fracturing the rock and releasing the natural gas, which is captured when it flows up and out of the hole (Mitka).† In the process millions of gallons of water are polluted and large amounts of air pollutants are released into the atmosphere. The ramifications on human health as a result of fracking is what causes most to worry. In the next four decades, fracking possesses dangers that directly affect human and animal health, the land, and our ecosystems. Fracking poses a lot of dangers to human and animal health. When I discovered that Big Oil is attempting to establish drilling locations near my hometown of Sacramen to I was a bit disturbed. The negative effects of fracking on humans were even observed in a study done in Pennsylvania. The study showed that of the 41 products used in fracturing operations, â€Å"73% had between 6 and 14 different adverse health effects† (Mitka 2012). The adverse effects on humans included skin, eye and sensory organ damage, Respiratory distress, gastrointestinal tract and liver disease, brain and nervous system harms, cancers, and problems with reproduction. Many of these adverse effects areShow MoreRelatedThe On Fossil Fuels And The Amish1594 Words   |  7 PagesAs we continue to consume fossil fuels on a scale never seen in human history, we are faced with the nagging but not imminent question: what is going to happen when we run out? It’s the same question any addict asks themselves, and the way they respond can affect the rest of their life. It is impossible to forget 2008: gasoline rose to nearly $4 a gallon, the stock market plummeted, mill ions lost their jobs, and Americans and foreigners alike responded in a way that only the fear of spending moreRead MoreShift From Fossil Fuel Should Be Made Mandatory1632 Words   |  7 Pages Shift from fossil fuel should be made mandatory Imagine waking up everyday looking for an umbrella to protect you from the scorching sun and a breathing mask to put over your face to support you in breath clean air. Not only for a period of time but forever, because the air is heavily polluted and the sun is always super hot, that people only ventured out during night hours. These are some of the warning the environmental activist fear could be were we are heading as inhabitants of this planet earth

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French Adjectives in Front of a Vowel or Mute H

Since French adjectives usually have to agree with the nouns they modify in gender and number, most of them have up to four forms (masculine singular, feminine singular, masculine plural, and feminine plural). But there are several French adjectives that have an additional variation: a special form that is used when the adjective precedes a word that begins with a vowel or mute H.The reason for this special adjective form is to avoid hiatus (the pause between a word that ends in a vowel sound and another that begins with a vowel sound). The French language likes words that flow one into the next, so when an adjective that ends in a vowel sound would otherwise be followed by a word that begins with a vowel sound, French uses a special form of the adjective to avoid the undesirable hiatus. These special forms end in consonants so that an enchaà ®nement is created between the two words, and the fluidity of the language is maintained.There are nine French adjectives in three categories which have one of these special pre-vowel forms. Descriptive Adjectives The following descriptive adjectives have a special form that is used only in front of a masculine noun that begins with a vowel or mute H. beau belun beau garà §on un bel hommefou folun fou rire un fol espoirmou molun mou refus un mol abandonnouveau nouvelun nouveau livre un nouvel articlevieux vieilun vieux bà ¢timent un vieil immeuble Demonstrative Adjectives When the demonstrative adjective is used with a masculine noun that begins with a vowel or mute H, it changes from ce to cet: ce garà §on cet homme Possessive Adjectives When a singular possessive adjective is used with a feminine noun that begins with a vowel or mute H, it changes from the feminine form (ma, ta, sa) to the masculine form (mon, ton, son): ma mà ¨re mon amieta femme ton amantesa profession son à ©ducation Note The special adjective forms are used only when followed immediately by a word that begins with a vowel or mute H. If a word which begins with a consonant is placed between the changeable adjective and the noun, the special form is not used.Compare: cet homme vs ce grand hommemon amie vs ma meilleure amie When theres an adjective, the special form is not used because the word that immediately follows the changeable adjective begins with a consonant.

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Rhetorical Analysis Barack Obama - 988 Words

Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States of America and the first African American president. During his presidential campaign in 2008 Obama gave a speech in Philadelphia called, â€Å"A More Perfect Union.† His speech moved millions of Americans and inspired racial cooperation and societal change. Obama called for acceptance of all colors and for people to realize that the government is, and never will be perfect; however, he also says it is time to take action and instill change, rather than just talking about change. Obama most effectively convinces his audience of this with pathos and by including antitheses and repetition, which helps him evoke passion in his audience. Obama includes antitheses in order to emphasize†¦show more content†¦In response to controversial statements said by his reverend, Obama states, â€Å"He contains within him the contradictions - the good and the bad - of the community that he has served diligently for so many years † (6). By suggesting that contradictions belong to the community, Obama implies that the people are imperfect. This helps him convince the people to realize that racism is still prevalent and contributes to class differences. He persuades the people that racism and class differences are connected and from thereon convinces them to help change those conditions. Obama evokes a strong passion for change by sympathizing and relating with the people. He puts himself in the people’s shoes to seem more down-to-earth and relatable. Obama suggests that to make America a more perfect union people must help reduce racism related class disparities. In reference to racist comments his reverend said, Obama observes: It’s that he spoke as if our society was static; as if no progress has been made; as if this country – a country that has made it possible for one of his own members to run for the highest office in the land and build a coalition of white and black; Latino a nd Asian, rich and poor, young and old -- is still irrevocably bound to a tragic past. But what we know -- what we have seen – is that America can change. (Obama 12) Obama claims that the reverend was ignorant andShow MoreRelatedBarack Obama Rhetorical Analysis Essay1535 Words   |  7 PagesThe beginning of the video advertisement of Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential election was quite attractive and convincing enough to motivate the targeted audience. The advertisement targets the general and common Americans who longed to have a change after two consecutive terms of George W. Bush. Tired of hearing about events of war, Americans could find the message of Barack Obama to be appropriate and striking. It is quite blatant that the presidential ad was meticulously crafted to fulfillRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama1374 Words   |  6 Pageshave been around us since day one it became something normal and people ignore it because they got used to it. In a speech given by the first African American president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, presents how everyone deserves equality without caring who they are in love with . Obama starts building an emotional connection with his audience, and giving his own words the credibility by pointing out some historical facts of the battles that were fought by African-Americans to end racismRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Barack Obama788 Words   |  4 PagesPrior to the inauguration of Barack Obama, the United States entered one of the worst economic eras since the Great Depression and faced a breakdown in business and social services. On multiple days the Dow Jones Industrial average fell hundreds of points, affecting not only the American economy, but the worlds economy. Humongous corporations that had once dominated the market declared bankruptcy: Washington Mutual, Merrill Lynch, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The prosperous nation that many knewRead MoreRhetorical Analysis of Barack Obamas Inaugural Address973 Words   |  4 Pages b) c) 8. Analysis Canadians in British Columbia prefer using British English than American English, but the difference between using British English than American is not big. Canadians mix British with American English. General percentage of British spelling inRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama s Speech1132 Words   |  5 Pagesor Washington, D.C. in 1963. However, on March 18, 2008, at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, soon-to-be President Barack Obama, a black man with an African father, took the stage and delivered a speech that would paint the racial landscape of his historic presidency. In his speech, Obama welds three distinctive rhetorical tactics to support his overarching argument that unity is compulsory in this country to produce racial equality. First, he opens with a personal andRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama s Health Care1600 Words   |  7 PagesProject 2 Rhetorical Analysis Adam Craig Introduction Hillary Clinton believes health care is a major issue that needs to be addressed and this paper will be discuss the inflation prices on health care and prescription drugs that she feels is unnecessary and wants to slow these prices from increasing to rapidly. This will allow American families to get themselves ahead and have money sitting in their bank that they can put towards other things or enjoy so that they areRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama s Election National Convention Address1518 Words   |  7 Pages1315-302 Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama 2004 Democratic National Convention Address In this paper, I choose the speech of the previous President, Barack Obama; Illinois state senator, his speech address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention marked an important moment in the trajectory of African American rhetoric. I am really impressive his speech because it was strong to affect to our emotion, our realizations and our passion for a strong America. The general theme of Barack Obama keynoteRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obamas First Inaugural Speech1547 Words   |  7 PagesNovember 2015 The Power of Rhetorical Devices in Barack Obamas First Inaugural Speech Introduction: Attention Getter/Hook (No Questions, 1 Sentence): â€Å"We the people have remained faithful to the ideas of our forbearers, and true to our founding documents.† Bridge/Introducing the Idea (2-3 Sentences minimum): Barack Obama is consoling and complementing us on our past and encouraging us to stick together for our future. This is very important because we know that Barack Obama is here for us and he willRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Obama s Victory Speech1181 Words   |  5 PagesRhetorical Analysis of Obama’s Victory Speech Introduction: Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the U.S on November 6th, 2012. Barack Obama held his Victory Speech on the following day. This essay will analyze and comment on an excerpt of that exacting Victory Speech and the solution focus of the criticism will be on the Rhetorical belongings of the Speech. By using numerous forms of Rhetorical apparatus like Anaphora or Tautology, Barack Obama controls to offer a Speech that is full of AmericanRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Obama s Victory Speech1245 Words   |  5 PagesRhetorical Analysis of Obama’s Victory Speech This speech was given by Barack Obama who won 2012 election as the president. I’m going to analysis his voice, audience, speaker’s message and occasion for the speech. Different angle, different view can show all the Obama’s rhetorical words in his victory speech. In 2012, this is Barack Obama’s second inaugural. He had greatest way to put all the rhetorical words in his speech. It was one of the best of his speech so far. Rhetoric was made in fifth

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Substance Abuse in Older Populations - 1147 Words

The issue of substance misuse and abuse among the elderly population is complex. The elderly rarely use alcohol or drugs to get high rather drug or alcohol use that begins after age 60 appears fundamentally different (Culberson Ziska 2008). The elderly sometimes turn to alcohol and drugs to alleviate the physical and psychological pain from the onslaught of medical and psychiatric illness, the loss of loved ones or social isolation (Culberson Ziska 2008). Elderly patients have a combination of and functional and social habits that support substance use. As adults age, they are often unable to do the social things they have been accustomed to. This is when many elderly persons begin to display problems doing the tasks of daily life. The option of taking a pill with the promise that it will aid in living independently is often a viable option for the elderly. This desire to remain independent is an important part in the complex treatment plan that is established when it comes to a ssisting an elderly patient who is abusing his or her medication. This paper will discuss the crucial role played by medical personnel, the influence of societal biases, and family and peer support systems of the elderly who are struggling with substance misuse and abuse. The importance of training physicians, identification and assessments, and treatment approaches are discussed as well. Prescription Drugs The number of people misusing prescription drugs is increasing in the United StatesShow MoreRelatedSubstance Abuse in Older Population1556 Words   |  6 Pagesof defense in helping the elderly who are struggling with substance abuse is assisting them in recognizing there is a problem and correctly screening for substance abuse (Han et al., 2009). This primary role of the physician is essential to the treatment of the older patient’s medical needs. The medical community plays an important role in the lives of older people. Physicians prescribe the medications which a person might possibly abuse. It is the responsibility of the physician to identify andRead MoreSubstance Abuse Among The Elderly1473 Words   |  6 Pages2011. The number of older Americans will increase from 35 to 70 million by the year 2030 (Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics, 2000). The nation’s population will increase 18% during and the population aged 65 and older will increase 78% ( Wan, Sengupta, Velkoff, DeBarros, 2005). One growing concern within the elderly population is that of substance abuse as it pertains to the increasing numbers of substance abusers, and/or the increasing rates of substance abuse among the elderlyRead MoreSubstance Abuse Among The Elderly1668 Words   |  7 Pageselder population. The number of Americans age 65 or older are living longer, in more comfort and in better health than ever before. However, not all American elders are living in good health. As our aging baby boomers live longer, a substantial and growing percentage of older adults misuse alcohol, prescription drugs, or other substances (Bartel, Blow, Brockmann, 2005). In turn, substance abuse among the elder is generating major health concerns and a rapid need for prevention methods. Substance abuseRead MoreSubstance Abuse and the Elderly Essay example1705 Words   |  7 PagesSubstance Abuse and the Elderly Substance abuse in the elderly exists just as in any other population. Many seniors develop substance abuse problems due to circumstances or situations due to the aging process. A report by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment/Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration indicates that 17% of adults age 60 and older are affected by alcohol abuse and abuse of legal drugs. The report also states that a third of those seniors who abuse substances didRead MoreDrug Abuse Within The Elderly Population1135 Words   |  5 Pagesthe number of prescriptions written for controlled substances (those with an addictive quality) has increased more than 150% since 2008. Until recently, the social issue of drug abuse within the elderly population has not been widely understood or addressed. Because this is an issue affecting an ever-growing number of the country’s population, the focus of our practice based research project will be based primarily on the increasing number of older adults who are becoming addicted to prescriptionRead MoreSubstance Abusers: A Vulnerable Population Essay840 Words   |  4 PagesVulnerable Population A vulnerable population are people that have specific characteristics, or risk factors, that increase the probability of developing health problems (Harkness DeMarco, 2012, p.103). A Vulnerable is important because anyone can become a part of this population. One is going to be describing the characteristics of substance abusers. Next, give the common health issue and needs. Then, give specific resources that Peoria have to offer. Finally, how substance abuse relates to HealthyRead MoreDiagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders ( Dsm ) Defines Substance Abuse As Addiction Essay1423 Words   |  6 PagesDefinitions Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) defines substance abuse as addiction. Addiction is defined by abuse and dependence. â€Å"Abuse† is use that impairs an individual person’s ability to function. â€Å"Dependence† is physical withdraw, and centering one’s life around obtaining and using the substance (Kaye and David, 2014). Like a lot of populations those individuals who suffer from substance abuse have terms they are referred to that are offensive to them and their diseaseRead MoreDysthymia And Substance Abuse Within Adults And Treatments Used For Recovery1576 Words   |  7 PagesDysthymia and Substance Abuse within Adults and the Treatments Used for Recovery Dysthymia (recently categorized into a new disorder called Persistent Depressive Disorder according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V (DSM – V)) is a mood disorder where an adult has depression that lasts for at least two years or longer. While moderately depressed, according to Butcher, Hooley, and Mineka (2014), a person must also have at least two or more symptoms to be diagnosed withRead MoreSubstance Abuse Among Older Adults Essay1317 Words   |  6 PagesI was surprised to hear that substance abuse is a growing epidemic among our elderly because when I think of the elderly I don’t think falling over on the floor drunk or sitting at a bar knocking drinks back. It really is an â€Å"invisible epidemic†. It was shocking to hear that because of insufficient knowledge, health care providers often overlook substance abuse among older adults and fail to diagnose them correctly. â€Å"Symptoms of substance abuse in older individuals sometimes mimic symptoms of otherRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Depression820 Words   |  4 PagesAlthough older adults are at increased risk of depression, it is not a normal part of aging (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2015; Mental Health Association, 2016). Depression is among the leading causes of disability in the general adult population, ages 18 years and above (US Preventative Services Taskforce [USPST], 2016). The US Preventative Services Taskforce recommends that all adult patients be screened for depression (USPST, 2016). Approximately 6% of older adults, ages 65

Health Is the Wealth Free Essays

Life is not merely to be alive but to be healthy and wealthy. Virgil says that † The greatest wealth is health† A spanish proverb says that † A man who is too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools†. Two things which is always on our mind is Health and Wealth. We will write a custom essay sample on Health Is the Wealth or any similar topic only for you Order Now They are of utmost importance to all of us. Health and Wealth decide the quality of life we lead. If we want to lead a happy life, wealth and health are both important. Wealth is the ability of fully experiencing life. It is true that wealth will not make a person good, but there is nobody who wants to be poor, just for being good. And as Benjamin Franklin says â€Å"Wealth is not his, that has it, but his that enjoys it†. However, there is a tendency of large number of people to run after wealth. They work to gather more and more wealth. Inthe process they ignore their health. They do not take care in eating food at the right time. In the process of gathering more wealth, they also undergo a lot of stress. So many people spend their health in gaining wealth and then spend their wealth to regain their health. Money can buy a tonic but not health, we have to do a number of things to maintain our health . Now because of lack of exercises and proper food and stress the wealth may increase but health begins to suffer. It has been proved that overwork without care for health leads to a number of diseases. Disease like stomach ulcer, obesity are due to bad eating habits. Lack of exercises and stress leads to high cholesterol, Blood pressure and heart problems. So it is better to take care of your health. If we have health, we probably will be happy and if we have both health and happiness we have all the wealth we need. Health and intellect are two blessings of life. Happiness lies first of all in health. Mahatma gandhi says that it is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. Taking care of one’s health should be a continuous process. We should follow a routine of exercises and proper food. It is said that exercise if persued continuously help us to gain strength. We should also follow a diet that is beneficial for our health. Going on diet does not mean limiting your food. We should aim at improving the quality of our food intake. Buddha says that the secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn the past but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. An Arabian proverb says that he who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything. To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that † HEALTH is the WEALTH of all WEALTH† How to cite Health Is the Wealth, Essay examples

Patient Safety Free-Samples for Students-Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss about the Patient Safety. Answer: Patient Safety Patient safety is vital in the nursing profession. Nurses are tasked with the provision of quality healthcare to all patients. Therefore, they have an important role in ensuring the safety of the patient. Nurses work daily to ensure that the patients are safe, and are vigilant to recognize areas that require attention. Nurses, however, need to understand how patients safety issues arise (Glickman, Mehrotra, Shea, Mayer, Pines, 2017).This has brought about a discussion among healthcare professionals on the role nurses play to ensure patient safety. There have been other initiatives that concentrate on the safety of the patients. For instance, health professionals should have well-designed roles so that they can provide god quality care. As nurses, public safety is part of what we do daily. I should be committed by the codes of ethics to provide competent, ethical, and safe care. Safety of the patient is important in the areas that nurse work (Hermann, Schober, Carl Nitsche, 2016).The public is protected through the promotion of safety in nursing practices. Nurses should work to improve the quality of care that is offered to the patients. These are very important in improving health care and reduce unnecessary costs. In this case, as a health professional, I should expand the insurance cover and lower the costs for providing care. Delivering good quality care is very important in ensuring that the patients get safe health care (Graban, 2016). Plans As a health professional, I plan to ensure that organizations invest in good hospital discharge.This should be done especially for the high-risk old patient.There should be a follow-up after this person have been discharged (Godfrey, Lear, Riga, Bernard Radcliffe, 2016). The cost of the drugs offered should be lowered. The health professionals should negotiate with the government and other organizations to ensure that they patient pay less for the drugs. The health professionals should ensure that other nurses and professionals receive training and skills.This will be important in providing services and good quality care. As a health professional, one should ensure that workshops are formed. Nurses and staffs can hardly work when they are under stress. The workshops are there to find out the solutions of how the health professionals carry out their day to day activities. This can help nurses to identify their strengths and weaknesses, which can help them to provide good quality care . Goals A health professional should have goals such as in identifying risks that lead to unsafe patient care by tracing patient care strategies and setting. The professionals should be committed to safety initiatives in hospitals. The physicians should also discuss strategies that can be used in improving the safety of the patients. Resources that can be used to improve the safety of patients should be identified. A health professional should also build a multi-disciplinary team that should work to approach safety and improvement in offering patient safety (Godfrey, Lear, Riga, Bernard Radcliffe, 2016). References Hermann, R. M., Schober, M., Carl, U. M., Nitsche, M. (2016).Three Simple Software Extensions for Automatic Presentation of Radiation Induced Toxicity, Sequelae and Treatment Outcomes, for Increasing Safety in Daily Therapeutic Routine, and for Enhancing Patient Comfort. Int J RadiolRadiatOncol 2 (1): 009, 11(009). Graban, M. (2016). Lean hospitals: Improving quality, patient safety, and employee engagement. CRC press. Glickman, S. W., Mehrotra, A., Shea, C. M., Mayer, C. Pines, J. M. (2017). A Patient Reported Approach to Identify Medical Errors and Improve Patient Safety in the Emergency Department. Journal of Patient Safety. Godfrey, A. D., Lear, R., Riga, C., Bernard, A., Radcliffe, N. (2016). Analysis of 1180 Nrls patient safety events in elective aortic surgery.British Journal of Surgery, 103, 14.

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Psycho Dynamic Theory

Question: Discuss about thePsycho Dynamic Theory. Answer: Introduction The proponent of the Psychodynamic theory is the great Psychologist of the 20th Century, Sigmund Freud. Other than this theory the behavioral and humanist theories too have a great role to play in Personality analysis. The Psychodynamic theory is the view that explains the personality of a person in conscious and unconscious force terms. The essay would venture into the history and formulation of the theory along with its use in day to day life. The personal experiences are also cited to explain the goals and approach of this theorem. Psychodynamic Theory History Psychological energy or libido created by processes of mind is studied via Psychodynamics. The idea of human being like all other living being is an energy system and the conservation of energy is also applied to them was first proposed by Ernst Von Brucke. So he suggested that the energy flow can be changed and part of energy flowing to another part would show itself there. From this on the Freud's idea of Libido or the sexual energy' is being derived from the root of all behavior of energy. By 1940-50, the psychodynamic theorem was at operations where the work of Carl Jung, Adler and Melaine Kein remains important (Hobson, 2005). Principles and Goals Psychodynamics or dynamic psychology suggests the study of the human behavior and the forces underlining them. The feelings of a person, emotions, behavior may relate to the early experience of the person. Thus the conscious and unconscious motivations of the person are also shaped through such motivations are studied in this subject of psychology. Freud, the renowned philosopher, is the proponent of this idea which he got inspired from the theory of thermodynamics ("Definition of PSYCHODYNAMICS," 2016). He termed this flow of mind in the complex brain as psychological energy from the term above. Freud has also developed a psychoanalysis process based on the theorem. The therapy is meant to find out the inner conflict which is the cause of repressed behavior to the surface as emotions. The theory can be suggested as the study of the interrelationship of various parts attributes of a person as a mind, personality which gives the idea of the psyche. This forms the base for the emotional and motivational forces at the unconscious level. There are two parts in which the Psychodynamic theory is seen. Firstly, the interaction of the various emotional and state of mind which has an effect on the behavior and state of mind on the subconscious level and secondly the inner forces affecting behavior like the motivation which shows its presence on the behavior (Zhou Davis, 2012). Here the proposition of Freud is that the psychodynamic energy is a constant force which may alter due to a situation and the behavior of the person happens by the situation that they are in (Holt, 2012). A good example is the mate selection, where the forces like motive, desire energy for deepest human needs are exposed. Key Concept with the Connection of Real Life Experiences The theory links itself with the energizer of the emotions like Id, Ego and Super-Ego. It is supposed that the developments of these traits are based on the way the person is brought up since childhood. The psychological processes are developed based on Id and Super-ego and the world outside the person's realm (Silverman, 1997). Here the Id is the unconscious libido in a person that activates instincts and psychic processes. The Ego is the self or the personality, decision-making skill to serve the Id demands of one. The moral value builds the Super Ego in a person that makes them capable of inheriting the social norms and rules. Therefore, the theory of Psychodynamics is based on the dynamic interaction of Id, Ego and Super Ego. The mental state or behavior based on emotions is addressed by this theorem (Sammons, 2015). Later in the 1980s, Madri J. Horowitz brought forward the idea of unconscious mental processes and the neurotic behavior is linked to the psychodynamic theory of the everyday life. Further, in the 1950s based on Freud's deductions the ego states' were transaction analyses of everyday life were added by Eric Berne. This has given a scope to the physicians to develop the cognitive behavioral approach for treatment for issues related to the conflict between self and others in person (, 2016). Curl Jung developed in the early 20th Century the psychology of psychodynamics. This proposed the idea of self which is composed of ego, consciousness and collective consciousness. This gave the Psyche a dynamic property to aid the psychic understanding and thus help a patient organize them for best behavioral outcomes. This gave the process to identify the dynamic processes happening in person and thus help to direct their ego towards a psychic wholeness. In social life the rec ognition and multiplicity of the psyche aid to the settlement of issues in times of conflict ( 2016). In the present day, the psychodynamics has evolved into a multidisciplinary field to analyze and interpret the human thought processes. The current state is that the Psychodynamic Approach has given us a treasure trove of behavioral understanding. The way we behave and the reasons for such behavior are now being addressed from this perspective. The way our personality is shaped, makes us behave the way we do and the reasons behind it are expressed. For example, words were spoken, or the way it is spoken says a lot about our personality. Even a slip of the tongue gives an impression about the way our subconscious mind functions (Gould, Stapley, Stein, 2006). Conclusions The behavior of a person is classified into Id, Ego and Super-Ego which directs the personality of one. A lot about a person can be understood by the way they speak and the words they choose to use. The conflict that may occur to one has a direct connection with their behavior and subconscious beliefs. The root that builds the personality in one is driven by their libido and life or death instincts. The conscious and subconscious minds are in conflict at all times which as per the Psychodynamic theory which comes in front via the expressions in an individual. The personality is built over the years from the childhood memories and conflicts at different stages of it. Thus this approach can be used to measure others in a team to develop constructive team behavior as well as a tool to mend ones ways of interaction. References Definition of Psychodynamics. (2016) Retrieved 17 October 2016, from Gould, L., Stapley, L., Stein, M. (2006).The systems psychodynamics of organizations. London: Karnac. Hobson, P. (2005). Psychodynamics and developmental psychopathology.Psychiatry,4(5), 21-24. Holt, N. (2012).Psychology. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Psychodynamic Approach | Simply Psychology. (2016) Retrieved 17 October 2016, from Psychodynamic Counselling | Maya Centre Islington |. (2016) Retrieved 17 October 2016, from Sammons, A. (2015).Psycho-dynamic approach: the Retrieved 17 October 2016, from Silverman, H. (1997). Psychodynamics of Addictive Behavior.Psyccritiques,42(9). What's worrying you? - Counselling Directory. (2016) Retrieved 17 October 2016, from Zhou, F. Davis, G. (2012). Momentary Conscious Pairing Eliminates Unconscious-Stimulus Influences on Task Selection.Plos ONE,7(9), 46-20.